Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I really should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday; the moons were all in aligning in my world.

First off, I have to give a big shout out to two friends of mine who recently found out that they are expecting their first child and I am pretty sure their due dates are only a day apart! Yea to Alison and Mel! Congratulations, girls! I am overjoyed for both of you!!!

Yesterday’s BPP appointment started out on a sour note. They were running behind and I had things to do and people to see and was in no “8 month pregnant” mood to be waiting. They finally got me in and strapped to the monitors when my lovely ultrasound tech explained that they were testing a new ultrasound machine that they were thinking of purchasing and she wanted to know if it was OK if they tried it out on me. I was already 40 minutes behind so I told her that would be fine. Little did I know that decision would TOTALLY make up for them running so far behind in my book.

Before I go on to the good stuff I have to tell you that I almost passed out on the table. Literally, people. I was lying on my back and they were looking at Josie when I started getting really sweaty, nauseated and blurry vision. I was freaking out internally trying to decide if I would say anything (DUH on my part!) when I finally said, “Ummmm, excuse me, but I totally feel like I am going to pass out!” They quickly turned me on my left side and I immediately felt better. I was telling them how embarrassed I was and they said it happens all the time at this stage of pregnancy and I could only be embarrassed if I didn’t say anything and was passed out on the floor. :o)

Now that that little story is out of the way, they continued on showing the tech all of the new and updated features. One of the features was that the machine could make a CD of the images and video that it saved. The tech said she had never done that for someone before and the consultant said we could try it out now. The thought of the images on a CD alone made me giddy until she then turned on the 4D ultrasound!!!! HOLY MOLEY PEOPLE! There was Josie right in my face in 4D! We were all in awe and if I wouldn’t have already been embarrassed by my “almost fainting” incident I would have bawled in front of them.

Josie is ALL PROKUP from the images! Once again, will my dream be right? Remember the story of Tanner at 16 and me holding Josie and thinking she looked like me? She has the chubbiest cheeks, biggest lips and a “Prokup Nose.” I have included the images below. I also got the added bonus of a video where she is moving her little mouth. Good Lord, I still feel like I won a million dollars!

As I calmed down from the experience I was waiting for the doctor to come in and talk to me I decided to check our home voicemail to see if we had a message saying Tanner’s glasses were in, they were, Bonus #2. On our voicemail was a message from my regular doctor’s office saying they needed to talk to me but it wasn’t anything urgent or bad. You have to love how they told me it wasn’t anything bad. They obviously know me too well! :o) I called them back and they were letting me know that my c-section is officially scheduled for July 21st at 7:30 a.m. The first on the books! Bonus #3!

Could the news get any better at this point? Well, yes it could! Then I talked to my mom because my sister was hosting dinner that night as my nephews are home from Rhode Island and I asked her what she was making, she told me Fort’s (My Brother-In-Law who loves me enough to bring me the Gondola a couple of weeks ago.) Spaghetti. BONUS #4! You may wonder why this is Bonus #4. I literally just told Scott how I was craving Fort’s spaghetti and wondered if he would make me a batch. Fort is officially my favorite Brother-In-Law, I cannot deny it!

Saying Monday was a “good day” is an understatement! I think karma is making up for the car accident and all of the headaches that have followed. :o) I still have a big cheesy grin on my face!


Anonymous said...

She looks fantastic! I'm jealous of all the pictures and movie! Thanks for the love, at least we know what we're in for after watching you! :)

Fertilized said...

Hey Josie- You are a beautiful girl!!!

I have a question - when is too soon to start venturing out? Can/should I leave a sleeping baby striped in his swing?? He was awake before i put him there but then he fell asleep and I became unsure of what to do?? yes call me crazy and neuratic (sp?)

Jenn said...

That's amazing, Jill! Glad you and Josie are doing so well and that you had such an amazing day!!!