Friday, June 27, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Do you have that song in your head now? :o)

My latest and greatest craving. ICE! I cannot get enough ice water, the emphasis on “ice.” Remember earlier in my pregnancy when I told you I was having to choke it down with a lemon? How things have changed!

I was on a mission to find the perfect ice and I believe it has been found. Sam’s Club Fountain Drink ice. Please do not email me or comment about fecal matter being found in ice machines, I don’t need to hear it. :o) Sam’s Club has the most perfect round little nuggets of ice. Perfection in my book. Rumor has it the Pilot gas station in town offers the same kind, I need to investigate as I could go there every day to satisfy my craving verses a bi-weekly trip to Sam’s.

I am down to 3 BPP appointments and 3 OB appointments. 3 weeks! Guess what? Nothing has been taken off of our list that needs to be done, it if Friday, and we have a full weekend of family events. I promised Scott I would at least get my hospital bag packed and set aside just in case anything were to happen.

Are you still singing, “Ice, Ice, Baby?”

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Fertilized said...

now i want ice! crushed ice!