Friday, February 29, 2008

Poll Results!

Well, the race was close with 3 votes for a boy, 4 votes for a girl and 3 votes for a puppy! I can tell those of you who voted "puppy" are WRONG! :o) We will MOST DEFINATELY NOT be getting another dog in July!

A little over a week and the answer will be revealed! I can't complain these past almost 3 weeks have flown by! Maybe that is because Scotty and I already know the answer. :o)

Monday, February 25, 2008

"Hotel Delnor"

So I COMPLETELY understand why woman who have delivered their babies at Delnor call it “Hotel Delnor.” HOLY MOLEY! It is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to use the stunning bathroom and the IN ROOM COMPUTER! We will be able to keep you all updated! You also need to get a glimpse of the garden visiting room. Sheesh!

So yes, that means we finally got our tour in. I loved the fact that Tanner was invited to see where “Mommy and the new baby will be staying” and he liked all of the snack stations. :o) Did I mention the complimentary snack stations and the gorgeous garden room? How could I forget the complimentary massage too??? I may never want to go home!

To say that I was beyond impressed would be an understatement. SO EXCITED!

Friday, February 22, 2008


I almost fell over yesterday when I caught a glimpse of my (big) belly in the bathroom mirror. I am proud to say that this time around I look pretty darn good! (No modesty here today!) I actually LOOK PREGNANT and not just like a big fat fatty! In fact, I am going to have Scotty take a pic of me this weekend. I already practiced my pose in the mirror. SNORT! Of all of the pathetic things I have done during this pregnancy, that ranks right up on top!

I do think my belly looks bigger than it should for being almost 18 weeks but I can’t really judge it against anything because last time around I was huge everywhere. I have a little sneaking in under my chin but I can still see my collar bones so I am in good shape. No pun intended!

P.S. I get an average of 10 visits a day to this blog and only have 5 votes...turds! :o)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The results are in!

It was nice to see the little one again today. I can tell you that he/she has a large head and long legs! Just like Daddy! The head was measuring 17 weeks 6 days and the legs were measuring at 18 weeks. Heartbeat was nice and strong!

Scotty and I know what we are having but he won't let me spill the beans until after our Level 2 ultrasound on March 10th. Sorry! Send all hate mail to him! :o)

Place your guess on our poll. You will know in about 2½ weeks whether you were right and Scott and I can laugh at all the wrong answers in the mean time. Fun for everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An early sneaky-peek!

Yesterday was another appointment and thanks to my WONDERFUL OB/GYN I have weaseled my way into an ultrasound tomorrow and I am hoping that we may be able to know if the new baby will be a member or Team Mommy or Team Daddy/Tanner. Scott wants to wait until week 20 to find out but I am going to over power him on this one. I have been letting the little one know it can give me all the heartburn it wants as long as he/she is cooperative tomorrow!

My appointment was uneventful which equals GOOD! We went over my ailments as for the Charlie Horses I am supposed to try to get in more calcium…by eating a few Tums. HA! When I told him how many I was already eating due to my heartburn he suggested an over-the-counter antacid pill to hopefully help with that. I guess I see even more milk in my future.

Until tomorrow…EEEEEEEEEEEK!

Friday, February 15, 2008

And our child shall be named Charlie…

…for all of the Charlie Horses I am getting in the middle of the night! SHEESH! And yep, still have the heartburn! It is quite the combo at 2:00 in the morning! Oh, and let’s mix in Tanner climbing into the middle of our bed and kicking me throughout the night along with Roeni, Ruthie and Daddy snoring. GOOD TIMES!

We have been trying to plan our “Tour de Delnor” but something always seems to come up on the weekends. Scott volunteers at Delnor and has said that the waiting area of the Maternity Ward is very nice and I know a couple of women who have delivered there who say that the rooms and bathrooms are AMAZING! Apparently it is more like an upscale hotel room than a hospital room. I will let you know if we ever make it on a tour!

Monday brings another doctor’s appointment…no ultrasound, but at least I will be able to hear the heartbeat for a small sense of satisfaction and it does mark one more week closer to our Level 2 ultrasound!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love you, GlaxoSmithKline!

Glaxo is the maker of Tums, by the way...and my true Valentine! :o) Who needs chocolate when you can have Tums Smoothies and it gives you heartburn anyway?

The old wive's tale claims that if you have heartburn your child will be born with lots of hair. This child better come out with the biggest head of hair I have ever seen! I remember having heartburn with Tanner, but not until later in my pregnancy. He was born with a strip of hair that resembled a mohawk so I am not putting much faith in this child having long, flowing locks either!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Team Mommy or Team Daddy?

The much anticipated answer to “Do you know what you are having yet?” will be answered on March 10th if the little one cooperates. I will finally be able to say boy or girl instead of the smarty pants answer of “a baby!” We have a level 2 ultrasound scheduled that day and to say that I am anxious would be an understatement.

I have been in ultrasound withdrawal since being released from the RE. You can’t just give a girl a sneaky-peek every week for 12 weeks and then go to plain ol’ dopplers to hear the heart beat. Yes, I was spoiled, but the recent lack of ultrasounds is just ridiculous!

Other than being asked if we know what we are having yet and giving my snarky answer the other question we get is, “Do you want a boy or a girl?” Heck, at this point I am just happy there is another baby coming and could care less! Scott, on the other hand, will answer a boy because then he knows he has a better possibility of getting a 3rd child out of me. :o)

Both have their advantages although I am not sure if our budget would survive a girl’s wardrobe! Have you seen all of the cute girl clothes?!?!?! It is enough to make my head spin and our bank account to go to zero.

My dad is still convinced that this one is a girl and will refer to him/her as Tanner’s little sister. Even Tanner will tell you it is a “Baby Goil” and yes, he still wants to name her Ruthie! I KNOW he is still hoping for a puppy instead! My gut thinks a girl too which means it is a boy, Scott doesn’t have a feeling either way. He is no fun. :o)

A MONTH! EEEK! How will I make it that long?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Love is...

...delivering your wife's "24-hour catch" a/k/a URINE to the hospital lab for a second time. (If you remember WAAAAAAAAAY back when I was pregnant with Tanner I avoided a hospital stay by promising to perform a 24-hour catch at home.)

Not to worry, nothing is wrong. Due to my pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Tanner my doctor wants to have a baseline to compare to just in case it is suspected again.

My blood/cultures got a 100% A-OK so let's all hope my urine follows in its footsteps. Lovely conversation, eh? At least I haven't started in on the "feeling like I hit the boy bar on a bike" again, but not to worry, it is coming!

Still chomping on Tums, still trying to find a vitamin that agrees with me, still anxious to find out what we are having, still have no girl names. :o)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Honky Tonk Badonk A Donk... what you are going to be singing to me if my appetite keeps up!

Since I have hit Week 15, EVERYTHING sounds good and I want it all! We were watching TV last night and every time a food commerical came on I was yelling, "OOOOOH! That sounds sooooooooooo good!" I had Scott busting a gut!

I am hungry all the time now! I can still only eat a small portion at each sitting but I am up to six feeds a day and hitting pretty close to 1800 calories a day. :o) My heartburn is still going strong but I will not let that get me down. Tums to the rescue!

The scale is going to say, "One at a time, please." at my next appointment!

By the way, unfortunately, no one accepted my Gene & Jude's challenge. :o(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anyone out there wanna show some insane love?

If there is anyone out there who really loves me and is crazy enough to risk their life in a snow storm, I am craving a hot dog from Gene & Jude's in River Grove. I mean REALLY craving one! Damn you Daddy for introducing me to that evil (read: so good just thinking about it makes my mouth water) place! Don't worry little unborn one, we will take you there when you are old enough to eat a hot dog without us worrying you will choke on it.

To any taker of this adventure: I can only eat half of a hot dog, I won't get any onions on it, and you can have all my fries...pretty please?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Twidling my thumbs so let's talk names!

This pregnancy isn’t as exciting as it was when I was getting ultrasounds every week, although the less eventful the better in my eyes! I haven’t been sick lately (keeping my fingers crossed) and my energy level is finally picking up although I do find myself getting tired more quickly than usual.

I am however, still struggling with heartburn and getting in all of my calories. Watch Dog Scott has me drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning and had me on special Pre-natal vitamins (He would go buy them and I forced myself to use them because I won’t waste the money, a/k/a I am too cheap to waste them!) but they caused such bad heartburn that I was in misery. I am still looking for another high quality brand and using the samples my doctor gave me in the mean time which cause horrific heartburn too. Any suggestions would be helpful.

5-7 more weeks until we find out the sex of this baby. That seems so far away! If it is a girl, we will officially have to get our act together when it comes to a name.

As with Tanner, we only have a boy name. That is after throwing out the options of Griffin Scott, Scott Alan, Jr. and Brady Montana (Scott’s pick, NOT mine!) Daddy is not fond enough of Griffin, I grew up in a house with a Sr. and Jr. and it was always confusing when the phone rang, and I am not naming our child after Scott’s favorite Notre Dame Quarterbacks. Plus the name “Montana” reminds me of the girl I couldn’t stand on The Real World Boston. Our boy name is so perfect to us and we know others will smile too when they hear it.

As for girl’s name…still NADA! ZILCH! ZIPPO! Scott threw out Piper, Paige and Tiffany and I threw out Montana (here we go again!) and Claire. No offense to anyone with a child named Claire but all I can think of when I hear that name are the lines in The Breakfast Club, “Claire. It’s a family name.” “Oh, it’s a fat girl’s name!” Pathetic, I know! Scott hasn’t commented on Leah, Hannah (I watch too much Jon & Kate Plus 8), Julia, Molly or my long love of Francesca Emily after my grandparents, Frank and Emily. Scott only has Kennedy left on the board. I am sure those will all get thrown out sooner or later too. :o)

We both adore Tanner’s name and I hope we can come up with a girl name that we are equally in love with if need be. I only watch the episodes of A Baby Story where a girl is born so I can find out what they name her for ideas. Double Pathetic, I know!

It’s official, we need to have another boy. We already have boy clothes, toys and a name. :o) Hence, why my dad, Tanner and I are convinced it is a girl.

How many more weeks???