Monday, February 4, 2008

Twidling my thumbs so let's talk names!

This pregnancy isn’t as exciting as it was when I was getting ultrasounds every week, although the less eventful the better in my eyes! I haven’t been sick lately (keeping my fingers crossed) and my energy level is finally picking up although I do find myself getting tired more quickly than usual.

I am however, still struggling with heartburn and getting in all of my calories. Watch Dog Scott has me drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning and had me on special Pre-natal vitamins (He would go buy them and I forced myself to use them because I won’t waste the money, a/k/a I am too cheap to waste them!) but they caused such bad heartburn that I was in misery. I am still looking for another high quality brand and using the samples my doctor gave me in the mean time which cause horrific heartburn too. Any suggestions would be helpful.

5-7 more weeks until we find out the sex of this baby. That seems so far away! If it is a girl, we will officially have to get our act together when it comes to a name.

As with Tanner, we only have a boy name. That is after throwing out the options of Griffin Scott, Scott Alan, Jr. and Brady Montana (Scott’s pick, NOT mine!) Daddy is not fond enough of Griffin, I grew up in a house with a Sr. and Jr. and it was always confusing when the phone rang, and I am not naming our child after Scott’s favorite Notre Dame Quarterbacks. Plus the name “Montana” reminds me of the girl I couldn’t stand on The Real World Boston. Our boy name is so perfect to us and we know others will smile too when they hear it.

As for girl’s name…still NADA! ZILCH! ZIPPO! Scott threw out Piper, Paige and Tiffany and I threw out Montana (here we go again!) and Claire. No offense to anyone with a child named Claire but all I can think of when I hear that name are the lines in The Breakfast Club, “Claire. It’s a family name.” “Oh, it’s a fat girl’s name!” Pathetic, I know! Scott hasn’t commented on Leah, Hannah (I watch too much Jon & Kate Plus 8), Julia, Molly or my long love of Francesca Emily after my grandparents, Frank and Emily. Scott only has Kennedy left on the board. I am sure those will all get thrown out sooner or later too. :o)

We both adore Tanner’s name and I hope we can come up with a girl name that we are equally in love with if need be. I only watch the episodes of A Baby Story where a girl is born so I can find out what they name her for ideas. Double Pathetic, I know!

It’s official, we need to have another boy. We already have boy clothes, toys and a name. :o) Hence, why my dad, Tanner and I are convinced it is a girl.

How many more weeks???

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