Monday, January 28, 2008


There are very few things that sound good to eat/drink to me lately. The one drink that had been a staple in my daily diet was Simply Apple. Not anymore. It now gives me horrendous heartburn, heck, just looking at it gives me heartburn! Tanner really isn’t a juice kid, but he will sometimes ask for it so hopefully the last bottle won’t go to waste. I am totally bummed though. The only other beverage that sounds good to me is skim milk and decaf iced tea, but I have been choking down water with lemon.

On a positive, I can tell I am picking up some energy. Shhhh, don’t tell Scott. It has been nice to be lazy and use my pregnancy as an excuse. :o) My arms no longer feel like they are concrete and I can keep my eyes open all day, yet I am still in bed by 8:00. We have a good system though, while Daddy is up doing homework Tanner will lay in bed with me, quietly watch a movie and is sleeping not long after me.

We have nothing exciting to report until our level 2 ultrasound and that won’t be until sometime in March. It seems sooooooooo far away! I have been dying to know what we are having and the wait is killing me. I need to look up all of those old wives tales on how to determine the sex of your baby. I did my Chinese calendar, which was right on Tanner being a boy, and it says this one is a girl. We still have ZERO girl names so I am betting we are having a girl, although we only had “Tanner” for a name the first time around, luckily he was a boy!

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