Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My name is Chilly Jilly, AH-E-AH-CHOO! (Bonus Points if you remember Chilly Willy.)

The cold I have been suffering from has officially made me delirious. Exhausted pregnant woman with a horrific cold + wild 3 year old with a runny schnoz + overworked, working on his Master’s Degree, Daddy = a miserable Casa de Tice. Thankfully, Daddy has stepped up as Mr. Mom and nurse and we appreciate it. Also, thank you to the Grandparents for taking Tanner when I was too sick to take care of him while Dad was at work or school.

For the record, being tired is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than dry heaving. I had a nice bout of that and I will take tired ANY DAY! I am hoping it is not here to stay. Who ever heard of nausea starting in the 2nd trimester?!?!?

We had our first regular OB appointment on Monday and all is going well. We found out that I will have a scheduled c-section (our doctor is old school and Scott and I are too conservative to take any chances with a VBAC) on July 21st if I do not go into labor sooner. A bigger topic of conversation was diet. My doctor wants my caloric intake to be between 1800-2000 calories a day which has been difficult considering nothing has sounded good to me especially with this cold.

On an EXCITING front, twins seem to be in the air! Maria is set to deliver her twin girls any week now…I am still rooting for January 31st! And we just found out our friends Mark (who was in our wedding) and Christina are expecting twins July 23rd! I could beat them for waiting so long to tell us but excited to have a pregnancy buddy with a due date so close to mine.

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