Friday, May 30, 2008

Leg cramps, leg cramps go away, don’t come back another day!

Good Lordy! Is it sad that I have now come to expect to be jolted awake in the middle of the night by a Charlie Horse? Although I have to admit I find much humor in the fact that when I get one and wake up screaming, it scares the junk out of Scott so he gets to share in my misery. SNORT! (I was grinning from ear to ear and snickering to myself as I just typed that.) :o)

Today’s second topic is going to be sedan verses crossover. Scott puts more miles on our cars than I do in a week so we have swapped due to horrendous gas prices. He drives the little car and leaves me the big one.

Let me start out by saying, I ADORE our crossover. I *heart* everything about it…AFTER I get in. I cannot imagine what a sight I am trying to get in with my big ol’ belly! I have to be quite the show. You know when you see someone who is heavy getting into a tall car and the driver’s side rocks, I am sure that is me now! Thankfully Tanner is old enough that he can get in and out of his seat by himself and all I have to do is buckle him in because that would be an even funnier show.

As much as I used to complain that I didn’t get to drive the “fancy car” as often as I would have liked to, I miss the pregnancy comfort of my sedan.

I got to officially meet another doctor in the practice that will be delivering Josie. I have no clue how I am so fortunate to find such lovely doctors in all fields of practice. We had met this last doctor in passing in the hallway when I was diagnosed as anovulatory and he totally remembered me and especially Tanner. (I have said this in the past but we swear Tanner is the reason why we get such good service everywhere! Everyone remembers him and his cute glasses!) He made sure I knew that I was one of their easiest patients, looked great for being almost 32 weeks and everything is moving along wonderfully. I LOVE him! I always slightly panic when they get ready to take my blood pressure but it was a perfect 120/60. I always say this but I will say it again and again, this is SO much different than last time!

Next week is our last high risk ultrasound and then the following week brings another doctor’s appointment. Then Daddy is done with his current class and all the work we haven’t done yet begins! Can you tell I am obsessing over not having everything finished yet? :o)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plain ol’ catch up.

I could write everyday but cannot seem to find the time, then I forget half of the things I want to write about. If this post goes in 20 different directions, just know that is how my mind is working these days. :o)

Barb in Canada. There aren’t enough kind words about this woman who technically doesn’t even know me but has followed Tanner growing up, my weight loss journey and now our second pregnancy. She handmade the most ADORABLE dress in my favorite color combination, pink and brown, for little Princess Josie. I need to post a picture of it and cannot wait to photograph Josie in it! Thank you, Barb, from the bottom of my heart. You truly have a gift!

Our 5 minutes of fame. Last weekend we had the privilege of hanging out with some new friends from Nebraska, Alison and Joey (GO HUSKERS!), at Navy Pier. While we were waiting for them to arrive I was asked to be interviewed by Channel 5 News on why we decided to stay in town for Memorial Day Weekend. Gas prices, DUH! Sadly the first words out of my mouth to the camera man were, “I’m pregnant, can you make me look thin for the camera?” In which Scott added, “I’m pregnant too, what can you do for me?” :o) I didn’t get to see the segment but they took extra footage of Booger. Josie, you only have 10 more minutes of fame left as 5 were used up in my belly. :o)

Preparations. Yeah, we are no further along. :o) I am patiently waiting for Scott’s class to end, our family garage sale to be over, graduation and birthday parties to pass…We honestly never have a free weekend. After Father’s Day I am putting my foot down and saying “NO MORE!” until we either finish our list or Josie is born, whichever comes first. If it were a bunch of small projects I would be all over them, but Scott yells when I pick up anything that weighs more than Tanner.

Appointment countdown. If my calculations are correct, which we all know they won’t be, I should have 6 doctor appointments left before my c-section, that doesn’t include another high risk ultrasound next week which will probably be our last sneaky-peek at Josie until she is born.

Sleeping. What is that? I have hit the point where as exhausted as I am, I REALLY dread going to bed. The cramps, heartburn and hurting hips send me to the recliner or couch every night (morning) around 4:00 a.m. There have been a few mornings where Scott has been shocked to see me still sleeping next to him but those are getting far and few between. Although I am proud to report that this is hitting far later than it did the first time around.

General. I and starting to waddle, can’t bend down for crap or breathe if I am sitting on the floor but all is good!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Ton Judy with the Big Fat Booty!

(No offense to anyone named Judy who is heavy.)

Whoa, Nelly! I caught a glimpse of myself at my sister’s house on Monday and the words, “HOLY CRAP!” went through my head. Lord have mercy, I am one pregnant Momma! Thank you again to friends and family for telling me I look great. Your payments should be arriving shortly in the mail. :o)

I think I am finally starting to slow down. If I over do it, I REALLY end up paying for it now. How do 7-8 month pregnant women run 5K and marathons? I was picking up Tanner’s toys one afternoon and couldn’t get back up! HA! I ended up shuffling around the living room on my knees then having to use the chair to help me up! Oh yeah, and add in the grunting. Tanner looked at me like I was nuts!

If Josie is half as active outside the womb as she is in, we are going to be in a heap of hurt. She is throwing a party in there some days. I have had to discipline her a few times for kicking me straight in my bladder. Have I mentioned how I have hit the point where every time I stand up I have to pee?

No complaints through all of this though, just the facts. Considering I didn’t know if I would ever be pregnant again last September/October I am finding the humor in all of this and loving every second.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boring = Excellent!

Other than hearing Princess Josie’s heartbeat, my appointment yesterday was nothing to write about. Boring, with a capital B! But, the boring appointments are the best ones!

As part of usual protocol, even though I am having a repeat c-section, I met with another member of my doctor’s group. She was simply lovely. When my doctor retires, I will most likely continue with her. At my next appointment I will officially meet another and I am certain I will like him too. We once ran into him when I was diagnosed as anovulatory and he was so friendly and fabulous with all of us, especially Tanner.

I have hit the point where I now have appointments every two weeks and before I know it it will be every week! I remember waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in November and December thinking July 2008 was soooooooooooooo far away and here we almost are! So scary and so exciting all in one.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



A gondola to be exact. Add the price of gas to the cost of the sandwich and I figure it would be a $35 meal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

T-Minus 9 weeks and 6 days, but who is counting? :o)

We are (technically) into single digit weeks left before Josie makes her MUCH ANTICIPATED appearance!

Scotty commented last week how I am still going strong much later in this pregnancy than last time. I can tell when I over-do it though. I end up with somewhat swollen feet and being super stiff for a day and walk like Frankenstein (according to Scott) when I first get going. :o) But I am happy to report no sciatica, my rings STILL fit although they are getting a bit tighter, and my feet are more like Pebbles or Bam-Bam instead of Fred or Barney. After putting that in writing, let’s all knock on wood.

We haven’t made any more progress in the “getting ready for Josie” department and that caused me to have a bit of a breakdown over the weekend. Out of the blue I was upset and saying how nothing was ready, including us! I was frantically talking about not having any diapers for her yet, how we are on “easy street” with Tanner and how I don’t even remember how to make a bottle! Looking back at my episode I can laugh because I know it all will come back to me, but GOOD LORD, it feels like forever since we have had a baby in the house! That reminds me, must add “Buy Bottles” to my ever growing list!

I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and another high-risk ultrasound in 2½ weeks thanks to my pre-eclampsia the first time around. Although you know I will never complain about an ultrasound!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Early Mother’s Day to ME!

I got two early Mother’s Day treats this past week. The first was a trip to the outlets with the added bonus of Scott not complaining about how much I bought for the kids. :o) The second was my appointment with Dr. Dreamy. He is still super dreamy and as nice as nice can be. I really want to believe he has some deep dark secret that would flaw him.

The outlets were so much fun! Girl clothes RAWK! I asked Scotty’s opinion on something that I picked out and his response was, “I am much better with little boy’s clothes.” I had to burst out laughing! He has done a good job picking out clothes for Tanner over the years though. My favorite words that came out of Daddy’s mouth while shopping for both kids, “Whatever you want, Momma.” :o)

I have had a lot of family and friends ask how my lap band has been affecting my pregnancy and my answer has always been, “It hasn’t.” I just eat more often that I normally would. I had a little bit of port pain a few months back from my expanding belly but that seems to have gone away and Dr. Dreamy wasn’t a bit concerned when I told him about it. I finally had a little bit of my fill taken out as I hadn’t gained a single pound this past month and I could tell my band was getting tighter as Josie expands higher up into my belly. I have noticed it is easier to eat but I am still eating the same amount. I guess after eating like a bird for 2½ years, it sticks with you.

Dr. Dreamy was just too cute when he took out some of the saline from my band. As soon as I lifted up my shirt so he could find my port he was poking around my belly saying, “Hi, Baby!” When I told him it was a girl he had the biggest grin on his face and said “HOW PERFECT! A boy and a girl!” I couldn’t agree more…how perfect!

We spoke about losing the weight again after Josie was born and he said I should have no problem as the band is a wonderful tool in that regard. He will just tighten me back up 3 weeks after she is born and I will be back on my way. He also reminded me of how far I have come and commented on how terrific I look even though I have gained about 30 pounds. I am still almost 100 pounds less than when I delivered Tanner so I have NOTHING to complain about. I still can’t believe how “pregnant” I look, you cannot miss my belly or overlook it thinking I am just really heavy like last time.

Overall he was very pleased with how my pregnancy weight is progressing and we have a game plan to get back into my size 8 skinny jeans.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Well, I was welcomed into the 3rd trimester with a lovely diagnosis of bronchitis. GOOD TIMES! Tanner had been sick the week before but I figured I would escape it. Let’s all laugh out loud together. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do but ride it out and use two inhalers. The recliner has been my sleeping friend for the past couple of nights. Roeni and Tanner have gladly kept Scott company and taken my spot in our bed. Our family doctor told me if it gets worse Scott is to take me to the emergency room. I feel like I am on the upswing so I am hopeful this will pass soon. Josie is still as active as ever so hopefully this isn’t affecting her too much.

Talk about ripping the high of passing my gestational diabetes test right out from underneath me! :o)

I cannot believe I am in the home stretch! Less than 3 months, people! Once Scott is done with his current class he is taking an 8 week semester off and we plan on getting our list finished. Pathetically I believe we had everything done by now when I was pregnant with Tanner. I think it was around this time that Scott was washing/folding Tanner’s baby clothes and commenting about how he couldn’t believe someone so small would soon be in our house and was laughing at how tiny baby socks were!

As I have been inching towards my last trimester I am officially getting uncomfortable. The almost 30 extra pounds I am carrying has totally affected me. How the heck did I carry an extra 115 pounds back in 2005?

On a TMI note, since when is my bladder so weak? The past week of coughing has caused me to go through 2-3 pairs of underwear a day. Lovely, I know! At least I don’t have an aching crotch yet. Have no fear, it is coming and I will be sure to share all the details yet once again. :o)