Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Ton Judy with the Big Fat Booty!

(No offense to anyone named Judy who is heavy.)

Whoa, Nelly! I caught a glimpse of myself at my sister’s house on Monday and the words, “HOLY CRAP!” went through my head. Lord have mercy, I am one pregnant Momma! Thank you again to friends and family for telling me I look great. Your payments should be arriving shortly in the mail. :o)

I think I am finally starting to slow down. If I over do it, I REALLY end up paying for it now. How do 7-8 month pregnant women run 5K and marathons? I was picking up Tanner’s toys one afternoon and couldn’t get back up! HA! I ended up shuffling around the living room on my knees then having to use the chair to help me up! Oh yeah, and add in the grunting. Tanner looked at me like I was nuts!

If Josie is half as active outside the womb as she is in, we are going to be in a heap of hurt. She is throwing a party in there some days. I have had to discipline her a few times for kicking me straight in my bladder. Have I mentioned how I have hit the point where every time I stand up I have to pee?

No complaints through all of this though, just the facts. Considering I didn’t know if I would ever be pregnant again last September/October I am finding the humor in all of this and loving every second.

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