Tuesday, May 13, 2008

T-Minus 9 weeks and 6 days, but who is counting? :o)

We are (technically) into single digit weeks left before Josie makes her MUCH ANTICIPATED appearance!

Scotty commented last week how I am still going strong much later in this pregnancy than last time. I can tell when I over-do it though. I end up with somewhat swollen feet and being super stiff for a day and walk like Frankenstein (according to Scott) when I first get going. :o) But I am happy to report no sciatica, my rings STILL fit although they are getting a bit tighter, and my feet are more like Pebbles or Bam-Bam instead of Fred or Barney. After putting that in writing, let’s all knock on wood.

We haven’t made any more progress in the “getting ready for Josie” department and that caused me to have a bit of a breakdown over the weekend. Out of the blue I was upset and saying how nothing was ready, including us! I was frantically talking about not having any diapers for her yet, how we are on “easy street” with Tanner and how I don’t even remember how to make a bottle! Looking back at my episode I can laugh because I know it all will come back to me, but GOOD LORD, it feels like forever since we have had a baby in the house! That reminds me, must add “Buy Bottles” to my ever growing list!

I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow and another high-risk ultrasound in 2½ weeks thanks to my pre-eclampsia the first time around. Although you know I will never complain about an ultrasound!


Anonymous said...

I noticed ur web pg. Felt compelled 2 read-my name is Nancy Tice. My son. Tanner David Tice past away ayear +10mnths ago.leaving 3older sibs+1 ltl brothr- enjoyd reading about ur family God Bless

Jill, Mommy of Tanner, Josie (our Clomid baby) and soon to be here, Baby Will. said...

NANCY!!! How did I just see this almost 2 years later???

I tear up everytime I see "Tanner Tice" on Google. I am so sorry for your loss.