Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Early Mother’s Day to ME!

I got two early Mother’s Day treats this past week. The first was a trip to the outlets with the added bonus of Scott not complaining about how much I bought for the kids. :o) The second was my appointment with Dr. Dreamy. He is still super dreamy and as nice as nice can be. I really want to believe he has some deep dark secret that would flaw him.

The outlets were so much fun! Girl clothes RAWK! I asked Scotty’s opinion on something that I picked out and his response was, “I am much better with little boy’s clothes.” I had to burst out laughing! He has done a good job picking out clothes for Tanner over the years though. My favorite words that came out of Daddy’s mouth while shopping for both kids, “Whatever you want, Momma.” :o)

I have had a lot of family and friends ask how my lap band has been affecting my pregnancy and my answer has always been, “It hasn’t.” I just eat more often that I normally would. I had a little bit of port pain a few months back from my expanding belly but that seems to have gone away and Dr. Dreamy wasn’t a bit concerned when I told him about it. I finally had a little bit of my fill taken out as I hadn’t gained a single pound this past month and I could tell my band was getting tighter as Josie expands higher up into my belly. I have noticed it is easier to eat but I am still eating the same amount. I guess after eating like a bird for 2½ years, it sticks with you.

Dr. Dreamy was just too cute when he took out some of the saline from my band. As soon as I lifted up my shirt so he could find my port he was poking around my belly saying, “Hi, Baby!” When I told him it was a girl he had the biggest grin on his face and said “HOW PERFECT! A boy and a girl!” I couldn’t agree more…how perfect!

We spoke about losing the weight again after Josie was born and he said I should have no problem as the band is a wonderful tool in that regard. He will just tighten me back up 3 weeks after she is born and I will be back on my way. He also reminded me of how far I have come and commented on how terrific I look even though I have gained about 30 pounds. I am still almost 100 pounds less than when I delivered Tanner so I have NOTHING to complain about. I still can’t believe how “pregnant” I look, you cannot miss my belly or overlook it thinking I am just really heavy like last time.

Overall he was very pleased with how my pregnancy weight is progressing and we have a game plan to get back into my size 8 skinny jeans.

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