Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plain ol’ catch up.

I could write everyday but cannot seem to find the time, then I forget half of the things I want to write about. If this post goes in 20 different directions, just know that is how my mind is working these days. :o)

Barb in Canada. There aren’t enough kind words about this woman who technically doesn’t even know me but has followed Tanner growing up, my weight loss journey and now our second pregnancy. She handmade the most ADORABLE dress in my favorite color combination, pink and brown, for little Princess Josie. I need to post a picture of it and cannot wait to photograph Josie in it! Thank you, Barb, from the bottom of my heart. You truly have a gift!

Our 5 minutes of fame. Last weekend we had the privilege of hanging out with some new friends from Nebraska, Alison and Joey (GO HUSKERS!), at Navy Pier. While we were waiting for them to arrive I was asked to be interviewed by Channel 5 News on why we decided to stay in town for Memorial Day Weekend. Gas prices, DUH! Sadly the first words out of my mouth to the camera man were, “I’m pregnant, can you make me look thin for the camera?” In which Scott added, “I’m pregnant too, what can you do for me?” :o) I didn’t get to see the segment but they took extra footage of Booger. Josie, you only have 10 more minutes of fame left as 5 were used up in my belly. :o)

Preparations. Yeah, we are no further along. :o) I am patiently waiting for Scott’s class to end, our family garage sale to be over, graduation and birthday parties to pass…We honestly never have a free weekend. After Father’s Day I am putting my foot down and saying “NO MORE!” until we either finish our list or Josie is born, whichever comes first. If it were a bunch of small projects I would be all over them, but Scott yells when I pick up anything that weighs more than Tanner.

Appointment countdown. If my calculations are correct, which we all know they won’t be, I should have 6 doctor appointments left before my c-section, that doesn’t include another high risk ultrasound next week which will probably be our last sneaky-peek at Josie until she is born.

Sleeping. What is that? I have hit the point where as exhausted as I am, I REALLY dread going to bed. The cramps, heartburn and hurting hips send me to the recliner or couch every night (morning) around 4:00 a.m. There have been a few mornings where Scott has been shocked to see me still sleeping next to him but those are getting far and few between. Although I am proud to report that this is hitting far later than it did the first time around.

General. I and starting to waddle, can’t bend down for crap or breathe if I am sitting on the floor but all is good!

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