Friday, January 11, 2008

What was THAT????

My stomach has been rumbling and grumbling. That hasn't happened since I have been banded. I am all of a sudden hungry all the time and if I don't eat I get really light-headed, yet nothing sounds good to me.

I went through a phase in my first couple of weeks where all I wanted was Pizza Hut personal pan pizza's. Tanner and I would share a cheese one. Then it was guacamole, then hot & sour soup, then grape juice, then "Simply Apple" apple juice. Now, NOTHING! It has been hard to plan meals when nothing sounds good to me, yet I have been watching more and more of the Food Channel and those crazy Travel Channel food shows.

I am still tired and have had no real nausea. Every once in a while I get a lovely session of the dry-heaves but nothing regular. Once again, I cannot feed the dogs, that will put me down for the day/night. Just the sight of their food sends me running to the bathroom. I basically have to close my eyes and cover my nose on the nights that Scott gets home late. Thankfully he will pre-measure it out for me in the morning, but I think it is about time Tanner learns to feed the dogs. :o)

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