Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little warming up

I am definitely not talking about our weather! BRRRR! I told Scott I was pregnant at the wrong time! I need to be 9 months in the winter instead of the summer.

Believe it or not, I think Tanner may be warming up to the idea of a baby in the house. Dare I type this in fear of jinxing the situation? Last week I broke down and bought the baby bedding I have been eyeing for a year now, Wendy Bellissimo’s Honey Bee. It is gender neutral and since no matter what we have Tanner and the new baby will be sharing a room (We really need an upstairs playroom and Tanner’s current room will be perfect!) I figured I could make it half Honey Bees and half Transformer Bumblebee since that seems to be Tanner’s new favorite. We have promised him new Bumblebee bedding and he is geeked.

Back to the story. So we get the bedding home and Tanner is desperate to take it out and look at it. I explained to him that is was for the new baby hoping he wasn’t going to get too upset that it wasn’t a present for him. Surprisingly he was telling me how the blankie was for the baby to cover up with and the “pillows” (bumper pads) were for the baby’s head and we were going to put it in the crib. PLEASE let this attitude stick long after the baby comes home.

I have been trying to hype him up letting him know that he would have someone to play with and boss around. :o) Maybe it is working. He always wants to hold puppies so I have been pumping him up about holding the baby too, so far he is unenthused with that portion of being a big brother and more excited about chasing the baby with a monster truck. Oh yeah, and he still calls it a “Baby Goil.”

I am still not even close to up to speed but hoping that will all change next week when I hit 13 weeks and my second trimester. I laughed when I read how I was “living for 13 weeks” in Tanner’s pregnancy journal because I was so sick. Now I am living for 13 weeks so that I may have some energy! I have decided the lack of energy is worse than the nausea because being so tired if I get a wave of sickness it literally knocks anything I had left in me (which isn’t much) right out and I am down for the count!

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