Monday, February 11, 2008

Love is...

...delivering your wife's "24-hour catch" a/k/a URINE to the hospital lab for a second time. (If you remember WAAAAAAAAAY back when I was pregnant with Tanner I avoided a hospital stay by promising to perform a 24-hour catch at home.)

Not to worry, nothing is wrong. Due to my pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Tanner my doctor wants to have a baseline to compare to just in case it is suspected again.

My blood/cultures got a 100% A-OK so let's all hope my urine follows in its footsteps. Lovely conversation, eh? At least I haven't started in on the "feeling like I hit the boy bar on a bike" again, but not to worry, it is coming!

Still chomping on Tums, still trying to find a vitamin that agrees with me, still anxious to find out what we are having, still have no girl names. :o)

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