Friday, February 15, 2008

And our child shall be named Charlie…

…for all of the Charlie Horses I am getting in the middle of the night! SHEESH! And yep, still have the heartburn! It is quite the combo at 2:00 in the morning! Oh, and let’s mix in Tanner climbing into the middle of our bed and kicking me throughout the night along with Roeni, Ruthie and Daddy snoring. GOOD TIMES!

We have been trying to plan our “Tour de Delnor” but something always seems to come up on the weekends. Scott volunteers at Delnor and has said that the waiting area of the Maternity Ward is very nice and I know a couple of women who have delivered there who say that the rooms and bathrooms are AMAZING! Apparently it is more like an upscale hotel room than a hospital room. I will let you know if we ever make it on a tour!

Monday brings another doctor’s appointment…no ultrasound, but at least I will be able to hear the heartbeat for a small sense of satisfaction and it does mark one more week closer to our Level 2 ultrasound!

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