Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Team Mommy or Team Daddy?

The much anticipated answer to “Do you know what you are having yet?” will be answered on March 10th if the little one cooperates. I will finally be able to say boy or girl instead of the smarty pants answer of “a baby!” We have a level 2 ultrasound scheduled that day and to say that I am anxious would be an understatement.

I have been in ultrasound withdrawal since being released from the RE. You can’t just give a girl a sneaky-peek every week for 12 weeks and then go to plain ol’ dopplers to hear the heart beat. Yes, I was spoiled, but the recent lack of ultrasounds is just ridiculous!

Other than being asked if we know what we are having yet and giving my snarky answer the other question we get is, “Do you want a boy or a girl?” Heck, at this point I am just happy there is another baby coming and could care less! Scott, on the other hand, will answer a boy because then he knows he has a better possibility of getting a 3rd child out of me. :o)

Both have their advantages although I am not sure if our budget would survive a girl’s wardrobe! Have you seen all of the cute girl clothes?!?!?! It is enough to make my head spin and our bank account to go to zero.

My dad is still convinced that this one is a girl and will refer to him/her as Tanner’s little sister. Even Tanner will tell you it is a “Baby Goil” and yes, he still wants to name her Ruthie! I KNOW he is still hoping for a puppy instead! My gut thinks a girl too which means it is a boy, Scott doesn’t have a feeling either way. He is no fun. :o)

A MONTH! EEEK! How will I make it that long?

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