Friday, February 22, 2008


I almost fell over yesterday when I caught a glimpse of my (big) belly in the bathroom mirror. I am proud to say that this time around I look pretty darn good! (No modesty here today!) I actually LOOK PREGNANT and not just like a big fat fatty! In fact, I am going to have Scotty take a pic of me this weekend. I already practiced my pose in the mirror. SNORT! Of all of the pathetic things I have done during this pregnancy, that ranks right up on top!

I do think my belly looks bigger than it should for being almost 18 weeks but I can’t really judge it against anything because last time around I was huge everywhere. I have a little sneaking in under my chin but I can still see my collar bones so I am in good shape. No pun intended!

P.S. I get an average of 10 visits a day to this blog and only have 5 votes...turds! :o)

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