Monday, February 25, 2008

"Hotel Delnor"

So I COMPLETELY understand why woman who have delivered their babies at Delnor call it “Hotel Delnor.” HOLY MOLEY! It is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to use the stunning bathroom and the IN ROOM COMPUTER! We will be able to keep you all updated! You also need to get a glimpse of the garden visiting room. Sheesh!

So yes, that means we finally got our tour in. I loved the fact that Tanner was invited to see where “Mommy and the new baby will be staying” and he liked all of the snack stations. :o) Did I mention the complimentary snack stations and the gorgeous garden room? How could I forget the complimentary massage too??? I may never want to go home!

To say that I was beyond impressed would be an understatement. SO EXCITED!

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