Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Perfect 10!

Something is finally going right again at ol’ Casa de Tice! Although, I shouldn’t speak too soon because I do not have the results back from my blood work or my 24 hour urine catch so let’s all knock on wood at this moment. Sure I could call to see if they are in but I have another appointment on Thursday and well, I am just being plain chicken.

As much as I was dreading (and annoyed by) the BPP appointments it was so relaxing and I got an ultrasound so you will hear no complaints from me for the next 4 appointments. Plus, I got the bonus of having the most lovely lady perform the tests and she explained EVERYTHING while it was going on. No more waving the wand all over my belly a million times, looking in the same spot, and causing my blood pressure to go through the roof due to thinking something is wrong.

I had no clue what to expect so when I was taken to a room with a big old comfy recliner and asked to sit down and put my feet up I was quite surprised. I was hooked up to two monitors, one that measured Josie’s heartbeat and the other her movement and asked to sit there for 20-30 minutes. I could have easily fallen asleep and may just do that next time. Just when I thought the appointment was over my technician said, “Now it is time for the fun part, the ultrasound!” I was practically skipping down the hall!

The ultrasound was a test and the baby was rated on a scale. The highest and best you could get was a 10 and our little girl did just that. They measured the amniotic fluid around her, her heartbeat and her breathing. All looked fabulous and I was sent on my way.

Easy Peasy! Once again, boring = EXCELLENT! I needed another boring appointment after my last OB appointment.

On another good note, tonight is Daddy’s last class for 8 whole weeks! YEA! We have sooooooo much to do! Once again, I was in a state of panic last night due to the fact that if my tests do not come out well Josie could be here in as little as 3 weeks. Scott promised that we would make a list of what I needed for the hospital this week and go get it to make me feel better and that he can get diapers and bottles while I am in the hospital if it comes down to that.

Our list looks like this as we have done a few things:

1. Move bookshelf and CD/movie racks out of old guest room/new Tanner and Josie room and into upstairs living room or basement living room.

2. Get storage units and install in upstairs playroom so it is no longer a disaster area.

3. Set up crib with bedding. (Although this can wait because she will sleep in the bassinet for the first couple of months.)

4. Haul changing table upstairs.

5. Make sure swing and Papasan are working.

6. Wash clothes, blankets etc.

7. Touch up paint in kid’s room.

8. Make sure carrier is OK and install bases in cars.

9. Buy bottles, diapers and formula.

10. BREATHE! :o)

OK, so I guess we don’t have as much as I was thinking but Scott doesn’t like me to panic so I can get my way faster if I do. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Although I'm still betting on a July 12 birthday! :) Come on, Josie, I need a birthday partner! :)