Thursday, June 19, 2008

What’s the story, Wishbone? (Props if you know what show that song belongs to.)

My crotch is killing me. There, I finally said it. KILLING ME! I told Scott I feel like a wishbone being pulled apart. Also, the reason why I have to pee as soon as I stand up is that Josie’s big ol’ melon (I have ultrasound confirmation that she does, indeed, have a big ol’ melon like her Daddy and brother!) is messing with my bladder. :o)

But on a positive note, I am hoping our luck is on its way back to “good.” All signs are pointing that way.

So this has been our last week: car accident, (Lemme tell ya, dealing with insurance has caused me more than one headache in this past week!), possibility of gall bladder issues and the on-set of pre-eclampsia again, then our beautiful gazebo that Daddy worked so hard on to have ready for our Father's Day cook-out taking flight and busting before we could even use it, Aunt Lori and Uncle Jeff getting a flat tire outside our house and Grammie Patsy missing our last step and falling on the concrete. The last 3 incidents were ALL on Father’s Day. I told Scotty that we were jinxed and everyone needs to run away, FAST!

Well, things are finally looking up. Knock on wood. Grammie was fine, we can order parts for the gazebo and fix it, insurance seems to be getting easier to deal with even though we won’t take the car in to be fixed until after the baby is born. Heck, I won’t be going anywhere so it is perfect timing! I am not sure about the tire but I am going to assume that is fine too.

The best news of all though is THANKFULLY, there is nothing wrong with my gall bladder that they could see via my blood work and all of my pre-eclampsia tests came back normal. Can you believe something associated with me is “normal?” They are going to attribute the swelling to it being so hot and humid and the fact that I am pretty darn far along in this pregnancy. I may actually make it past 37 weeks this time!


Fertilized said...

YAh for normal.. eeeekaaaaaaaaaaaad's fpr all the "other stuffs"

Mel said...

whew, what a week... I am exhaused just reading it.
But thanks for making me laugh with the "My crotch is killing me" comment.