Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh the cravings!

This madness needs to stop! Each week it is something new, minus the constant craving for guacamole (Thank you Meggie for joining me last week to indulge!) and crab legs (Thank you Scotty for our date night on Saturday and also letting me indulge!). This week it is tuna fish with Miracle Whip and relish (no bread) and grape G2, the low calorie Gatorade.

While I am limited on my consumption of tuna to 6 ounces a week (BOOO!) the G2 is free game and I have been drinking it like a maniac! I even have little Booger Jake hooked and normally he is a milk and water kind of kid.

Next craving in line: a “gondola” from Avanti’s in Normal or a LaGondola Torpedo which is essentially the same thing…do you think I can convince Scott to road trip for one??? Better yet, Stephanie, can you send one Fed Ex?

Still in the line up: Gene & Jude’s and Joy’s Noodles!!!

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