Monday, March 24, 2008

Habla Espanol?

Josephine will come out speaking Spanish if I don’t quit eating so much guacamole! It is past “craving” and into “obsession.” I swear to you I would eat it for every meal if I didn’t have a conscience or some self-control.

When I was pregnant with Tanner it was McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish and he LOVES them, I wonder if she will love guac and ask for it when we go out for Mexican food? If she ends up loving guac and grape G2 we will be on to something here!

I had a friend email me and tell me at least it is the “good fat.” Is that what I can call what has been creeping onto my thighs most likely due to all of the guac I have been consuming, the good fat? :o)

Oh yeah, and I think I have convinced Scott to road trip for a “gondola.” Mmmmmm, a gondola with some guac! KIDDING!

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