Thursday, March 20, 2008

Josephine is GROUNDED!

Yesterday’s OB appointment was a bit more “exciting” (aka TERRIFYING) than normal. Our dear daughter decided to play some hide and seek while the nurse was trying to find her heartbeat. I swear it was the longest minutes of my life watching her move the Doppler around my belly trying to find it and then letting me know my doctor would be in to see if he could locate it.

I was trying to convince myself that all would be fine because she had been kicking me earlier in the day and just a little over a week ago our anatomy scan showed everything was perfect, but none of that stopped every bad thought from racing through my head.

I proceeded to make some deals with God, then Dr. Newman walked in and found it right away.

Good thing they took my blood pressure BEFORE all of this happened!

Thankfully the rest of my appointment was uneventful because honestly, I couldn’t take anymore after that. Dr. Newman was extremely pleased with my blood pressure and the fact that I have no swelling. In fact, my rings are still freely spinning around my fingers. I gained 4 pounds which made me cringe but as Scott keeps telling me, “YOU ARE PREGNANT!” And he yells it just like that! :o) These 20 extra pounds are making a big difference and God Bless my family for lying to me and saying that I only look like I have gained weight in my belly when I know my thighs are expanding too. :o)

The only added protocol this time around is that the high-risk OB that performed our anatomy scan and my regular OB would like to me to take one low dose aspirin and 2 fish oil capsules a day due to my previous experience with high-blood pressure during my pregnancy with Tanner. That makes 5 pills a day including my pre-natal and DHA supplement. Sadly, they are all horse pills with the exception of the aspirin.

I am happy to report that my leg cramps seem to be subsiding although I probably just jinxed myself and I will collapse from a huge double leg Charlie Horse tonight.


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