Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jill Tice Book of World Records

As of 10:40 a.m. yesterday, this is the longest I have been pregnant. :o) Tanner was born at exactly 37 weeks at 10:39 a.m. Being up and uncomfortable at 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning and not sleeping well again last night makes me wish I would have matched or beat that time.

I would like to think I have done fairly well this pregnancy but it is now taking its toll on me. Since I have technically never been in labor, I have zero clue if I am contracting or just plain VERY uncomfortable. I guess that is a question for the doctor on Wednesday.

I hate to think I am trying to wish this over especially since it took us so long to even get here (and we still have most of our list to finish before Josie arrives) but I am officially ready to sleep on my belly again and lay on my back and not need to pass out! Yep, it happened again yesterday while I was on the ultrasound table. There is some big fancy name for what is happening but all I remember from her description is that my aorta was being cut off (or something to that nature) and that was all I needed to know!

I did pack most of my hospital bag. I still have a couple of items to throw in there but nothing that Scott couldn’t go buy if I needed him to. Heck, he had to go buy my whole bag last time!

This week is going to consist of washing 0-3 month baby clothes, bibs, socks, crib bedding, etc… and my mom and I plan on making some cute burp clothes out of cloth diapers. Wait until you see the bedding she made for our bassinet and moses basket! ADORABLE!


Alison said...

The time is here! I can hardly wait!!

Fertilized said...

So close .... I hope you get some relief soon

Jenn said...

Jill - I so hope that everything goes well and that baby Josie arrives soon. I just realized when I read that you'd be washing clothes that I have some small (0-3, 3-6 month) baby clothes that I bought some time ago from Janie & Jack on super clearance (don't ask) that I have _no clue_ what to do with b/c my sister's not having any more and my brother's daughter is now too big for them. It's been a while since I've seen them, so I don't remember exactly what they are. But, I think there may be a cute dress, maybe a little pair of jeans and a onesie, this really cute white one piece suit thingie, and prob. some other stuff I can't remember. So, if you're interested, email me, plowhazard@gmail.com, and they're yours! :)