Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello Old Friend and Calculations

Once again, due to my swelling and a slightly elevated blood pressure I win the wonderful prize of a 24 hour urine catch and more blood work! A round of applause, please! I think this is round 3. If anything comes back abnormal, Josie will be here earlier than expected but we won’t know anything until next week.

I am not disappointed in the least with this as every day is getting harder and harder on my body. Although, I look back and realize that it was a journey just getting pregnant again so why should the end be any easier? And why the heck should I be complaining?

I was asked the other day if I was excited that I was having a girl. I told them “Yes, but she could have been a boy, a monkey or a volleyball and I would be equally excited because there was a point in time where I didn’t know if I would be here again” and ended the conversation there. I love the crazy looks I get when I do that.

I cannot deny that I am over the moon about having a girl this time. We will have an even team at our house. Daddy, Tanner and Roeni on the boy’s side and Momma, Josie and Ruthie on the girl’s side. :o) Every day I think to myself, would I have gotten the girl I wanted so badly if I would have gotten pregnant when I wanted to? Just something I will probably ponder the rest of my life!

As for the calculations I mentioned in my title:

1 almost 38 week pregnant woman + 1 NASCAR event in Joliet + 1 run to try to avoid a HORRIFIC storm that brewing that we eventually got caught in because we couldn’t find our car + 1 tent in a parking lot that we were seeking shelter under that had to be held down due to the wind by one Daddy holding a 40 pound upset and cold toddler and one VERY pregnant Momma trying not to cry in front of her toddler or drown her $600 camera + 1 aching crotch and sides of the almost 38 week pregnant woman + 1 urinary accident in said pregnant woman’s pants because she drank way too many liquids, had to run like hell, and was being ambushed by cold rain DOES NOT EQUAL going into labor early.

I thought for sure SOMETHING would happen after all of that! I can laugh now but it was traumatic for both Tanner and I at the time, thankfully Daddy held us all together. :o)


Anonymous said...

And you survived. :) That's one for Josie's baby book.

Kick your feet up this weekend, you work too hard.

Alison said...

You are right, it probably was not funny then but I just laughed reading it. :)