Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The final countdown.

This is our last week as a family of 3. I caught myself a little off guard yesterday when I told Tanner that in a week he will be a big brother. He retorted with, “I want to be a big brother NOW!” Amen to that! It is hard to believe this is almost over though. Don’t tell Scott but this could be the last time that I am ever pregnant.

I am experiencing end of the road morning sickness. Ahhhh, the memories! Oh yeah, close your eyes if you are easily offended or move along quickly, and my woobies (Thanks Mel and Alison for the word that always cracks me up.) are achy and leaking. My sister, Scott and I are keeping our fingers crossed for the ability to breastfeed this time around. I am not holding my breath but bigger miracles have occurred in this world.

This is Tanner’s last weekend as an only child so we are trying to plan fun things for all of us to do. On the top of his list is the new Chuck E. Cheese not too far from our house. This time I won’t be required to climb up into the tubes and slide down the slide with him. :o)

One more doctor’s appointment and a meeting with anesthesia left. YIKES!


Fertilized said...

wishing you lots and lots of success!

Alison said...

I think that is so cool. What a good mommy you are! I'm so excited for you Jill!