Thursday, April 24, 2008

Won’t be getting my drink on again!

I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! No more nasty super-sugary orange carbonated drink for ME! (No, that is not another earthquake in Illinois, it is just my pregnant, rotund, body jumping for joy!)

I can either a.) Thank God for answering my prayers while trying to keep the drink down during the 1 hour wait before they can draw your blood or b.) Thank my weight loss. I think I will thank God for my weight loss. :o)

Other good news is that we are moving along quite nicely with the playroom and nursery. We already have Tanner’s bed set up and an idea of where we will place the crib and changing table. Since Josie will sleep in her bassinet or Moses Basket in our room for the first 1-2 months, Ruthie is Tanner’s official roommate right now. The upstairs playroom is a disaster because Tanner has actually been using it instead of dragging all of his toys from the basement playroom into our living room. We have opted to keep the colors of both rooms the same and just do some touch ups on the walls and ceilings. All that is left to do is:

1. Clean the carpeting in the entire house.
2. Touch up the paint in both rooms.
3. Paint a chalk board area in the play room.
4. Move and install the CD towers to the living room.
5. Move and install the existing bookshelf to the playroom and buy an additional one to install. The kids have massive amounts of books!
6. Buy the rest of Tanner’s Transformer bedding.
7. Measure the kid’s closet for the new shelving and hanging units and install them both without killing each other.
8. A little decorating here and there in both rooms.

It doesn’t look like much but I guarantee you we will be down to the wire. That seems to be how we roll.

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