Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Holy Kicking, Batman and other musings.

Josie seems to be VERY active lately. Her favorite activity, kicking me in the bladder. I am at the point where you can see the kicks through my clothes which I adore watching. Tanner has no interest in feeling a kick but I bet if I tell him it is a puppy doing the kicking he would. :o)

My sleeping has gotten better thanks to the wedge we bought. I thought a pregnancy pillow would do the trick but NOPE! The wedge RAWKS! It provides my belly with much needed support without being too mushy and I only get up once a night now and that is just to go to the bathroom. No more tossing and turning to get comfortable, I just tuck the wedge in under my belly and fall back to sleep. Sweet relief!

Scott provided me with a lovely "compliment" the other day in the form of, "Look at your belly, IT IS HUGE!" Which he quickly followed up with, "In a good way!" Ummm, honey, did you not see the pic you took of me WEEKS AGO WHEN I HAD A HUGE BELLY??? I read that you tend to "pop" earlier in your second pregnancy, but this is crazy. Just call me Buddah and rub my belly for good luck.

I am measuring on target so I honestly just think that I was so heavy when I was pregnant with Tanner that my now smaller frame is causing me to think I am bigger than I should be. But lemme tell ya, there is NO MISTAKING that I am pregnant! :o) You may think this sounds like I am complaining but I love, love, love it! I don't even mind the ever rapidly rising scale anymore.

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