Monday, December 31, 2007


Was I this tired when I was pregnant with Tanner? I swear I need toothpicks to hold my eyes open! I need to go back and read my old pregnancy diary to see how I was feeling at this time with him. Probably sick. :o)

We survived Christmas and thankfully this year was a lot less chaotic than last year. I know I wouldn’t have held up if we had to replay last year. We had our Prokup Family Christmas last weekend and hosted Christmas breakfast for the grandparents on Christmas morning. I didn’t step foot out of the house yesterday, napped with Tanner and lounged all day long watching Tivo with Scott while Tanner played with all of his new loot. I selfishly enjoyed every single minute of it too!

I told Scott this morning that I would take the nausea over this exhaustion any day. I could end up regretting that statement but honestly, even my arms feel like they weigh a million pounds. This is ridiculous! I have been eating plenty so I know it isn’t food related fatigue.

On a fun note, I ventured to Motherhood Maternity and got some cute jeans. I only have one pair left that still buttons without feeling like I am doing damage to our unborn child. I love the fact that this time around I can fit into them (with lots of room to spare) and not just have to wear plus size pants or athletic pants, although I am still not happy with the shirts they offer. I can’t stand all of the ties in the back. YUCK, YUCK YUCK!

We have yet another ultrasound on Friday to take a peek at how the baby is growing and will update again at the end of the week.

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